Nina Dreyer Henjum, Born in Bergen, Norway, 1972

Her first public decoration was at the age of 16, when she won an open art competition and her first exhibition came two years later where she was described as a young talent. She has consequently been represented in several private art collections around the world, exhibiting in Paris, Norway and elsewhere.
She went on to study philosophy, design and humanities before moving to Paris and starting an art education in the fields of painting, art history and sculpture. She also had an art gallery in which she could expose other artist's art, but she now concentrates on her own work, with expressionist paintings, lithographs and sculpture forming an exploration of the human being in relation to different cultures, religions and the inner self.

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Nina Dreyer Henjum creating in Paris, 2009


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Nina Dreyer Henjum
Mail: nina(at)dreyerhenjum.com

Phone: +47 91324450

Skype: nina.dreyer.henjum
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